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40th Birthday Party – Your Guide To A Successful Party

In planning your 40th birthday party, you want to be sure to throw a celebrity everyone will remember and discuss for years to come. Follow these simple steps to do just that.

Invitations: First, decide if you will have a theme for the party. It could have been a favorite hobby of the celebrants, a 'back in time' party to when he was a child or teen, or an 'over the hill' theme, among many. Check out partythemeshop.com for a great theme ideas. Then search for invitations that feature that theme. Zazzle.com features a large selection of themed invitations. For a truly unique and personalized look, create invitations using the photo cards available at snapfish.com. (You may want to include a picture of the celebrant as a child).

Decorations : There are a number of sites that can provide decorations from an entry archway to tableware to centerpieces. Once again partythemeshop has great decorations as does themepartiesnmore.com. Also, stumplesparty.com has excellent ideas for any number of themes, even if the only thing you are sure of is of your color scheme!

Desserts : For your dessert table, a birthday cake or cupcakes is the way to go. Many specialty shops make over the Hill or other themed cookie bouquets. A simple Google search will turn up those stores that deliver to your area. You can also order a cake or cupcakes with photos on them. Or cupcake toppers with a "Happy Birthday" message on them. Remember, if you are ordering black frosting, you may want to taste it first; it takes a lot of food coloring to turn something black and it can affect the taste of the frosting. Finally, if you have a specific theme in mind, do a Google image search (such as "island party") and then print the picture and take it to the bakery at your local grocery store. They'd be delighted to recreate the cake for you at a reasonable cost.

40th Birthday favors: Send guests home with a party favor as a 'thank you' for coming. Theme favors abound in most any theme imaginable: sports, travel, fashion (shoes and purses), wine, music, etc.

You can never go wrong with an edible favor whether it is chocolate, cookies or some other confection. You can even give chocolate dipped oreos that feature the picture of the birthday boy or girl with a "Happy Birthday" message.

Everyone loves to receive a lottery ticket as a favor. Make it extra special by putting it in a personalized lotion holder that is personalized for the party.

You can also give keepsake favors such as magnets, coasters, wine openings and stoppers.

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