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A Love Letter To Mary

Dear Mary, I know life fetches you the best from its well

For the glow in your eyes always sounds a joyful bell.

Deny astonishment when this package of words you behold,

They are wonderful fresh words that have never been sold.

From my windows I saw the radiance in your reflection

And bred suggestions that I give our friendship an extension.

The sugar in my tea and the only goldfish in my sea,

Mere words fail in expression of your true meaning to me.

Your golden voice reaches my heart and clicks like a jackpot,

Drilling holes straight to my marrow and inducing comfort.

Mary my love, my feeling plays like a favorite song;

Soul – inspiring, heart – stirring, they could not be wrong.

There crescent a rainbow across the surface of my cloud,

Let glide to hold it and make our love renowned.

I make a vow to dare and care for you, bear and share with you;

I'm willing to spare that love that leaves all men without a clue.

Please welcome me to your world as I knock on the door,

Give me the chance to show you the treasure I have in store.

If you shut me out, to debacle I might lose myself;

My arms open in wait for your warmth; it's me, Joseph.

Dear Mary: We place value on only the people and things that are dear to us and at the top of our priorities. These turn out to be the group that inspires us as we forge ahead to our desired goal. When someone is dear to you, you can not wish him bad or think evil of that person. People who are not dear to us seemingly waste our time and bore us when they come around. It is best to be around the ones that are dear to our heart for they have the tension to make us feel celebrated.

They are wonderful fresh words: When you are really inspired, the words that come out of you will definitely surprise you. You can copy and use words that have been in existence but the words generated by a true inspiration or touch are fresh and incomparable. Love can make you manufacture the kind of words that leaves you dazed, it can make you create your own vocabularies and a style of operation that has never been used. Nothing of all these will come when there is no object of affection which serves as the vehicle for fresh words.

Drilling straight to my marrows: The induction of true love can make you experience the touch of a lifetime. Very few things can touch us deeply. There are extreme greed, strong jealousy, the crave for excessive wealth and these are in the line of wrong virtues.

The strong desire to accomplish a goal, to satisfy a loved one and keep her or him happy and the eminent pursuit to see the realization of the kingdom of God are virtues on the right side that will see us go far in life.

I'm Willing: Willingness is a gift that is bestowed on us instantly at the acceptance of affection. You do not need to be persuaded to be willing; it is backed up by a free flowing effort when your zeal is in the right form. You are automatically charged to go all the way being willing to serve, to be served and to achieve the goal attached to your zeal. Anything you are ready to give your all to will end up bringing all to you. The reason we achieve our dreams and visions will not be complete without attributing a measure of recognition to this value.

Give me the chance: We all need a chance if we must discover our potentialities and composition. Chance is the opportunity that our preparedness encounters to bring our breakthrough to reality. You never know when your time is actually coming if you do not move and take the chance before you. Whatever the chance becomes successful or not, you should go after it because it could just be that one chance your gift is actually waiting for to find full expression, it could just be that one that will present you to the right person needing your service.

Source by Moshood Lekan Olanrewaju

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