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List of Filipino Folk Songs

Folk songs are, quite literally, songs of the people. And in determining the identity of a country, one can look no further than this form of music for clues to a particular culture. This list of Filipino folk songs offers a few examples of the many simple yet timeless tunes …

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A Love Letter To Mary

Dear Mary, I know life fetches you the best from its well For the glow in your eyes always sounds a joyful bell. Deny astonishment when this package of words you behold, They are wonderful fresh words that have never been sold. From my windows I saw the radiance in …

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Some Gift Ideas for Summer Season

Summer is a season which provides you opportunities to make some lifetime memories. There’s a lot to do like playing for hours, swimming, soirees, bonfires, barbeques and much more. It’s the season to set yourself free and relax. It’s also a season to make your friends realize how important they …

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Five Reasons Why Bobbleheads Are a Great Gift

When it comes to bobbleheads, a lot of us ignore them when the holiday season kicks up. After all, who could possibly want a bobblehead? Sure, they’re cute, and they have really big heads and you can customize them so that they look like the person whom you plan on …

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