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Ethical Gifts for Valentine's Day

It's the season of love and the evenings and mornings are steadily getting lighter and brighter. The birds are waking up and spring is in the air, fine but full of promise, lifting the heart. With Valentine's Day on the horizon, this is the perfect time to express your love …

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A Different Valentine’s Day for Single Women

Remember in first grade when you had a crush on little Jimmy? Starting February first, you struggled with whether you should make him a valentine card. But what if he didn’t make you one! Your other big worry was if little Suzie would give you one. They were equally big …

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40th Birthday Party Themes and Ideas

There's an old saying that says "life begins at 40" so the party for this occasion should be more than just another birthday party, it should be a celebration of the beginning of a new life. All your friends and colleagues should be invited to your 40th birthday to celebrate …

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Anniversary Gift Ideas

A jubilee of any sort is a definite excuse to celebrate and to acknowledge a sense of fulfilled experience. It is another opportunity that serves to extend good will and appreciation. As also to acknowledge that those who travel alongside enrich the journey. Defining moments, new benchmarks of achievement, a …

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