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The Top 10 Romantic Flowers

Flowers and romance share a long and passionate history. In fact, since ancient times, flowers have been the silent yet eloquent language of all matters relating to the heart! And, no, the rose does not have a monopoly over romance as is commonly perceived. Let's have a look at the …

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Xmas Gift Ideas With a Bit More Rhythm

Xmas is around the corner … what are your Xmas gift ideas? Did you know that last year Australians spent $ 985 million on unwanted Xmas Gifts? Amazing, is not it? UK homewares giant, Habitat surveyed 1,000 people on their gift giving habitats. They discovered that 40% of gifts are …

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Mens Christmas Gift Ideas

Buying Christmas gifts for men can either be very easy or very hard. Most men already have what they need and so buying them a decent gift that they will actually like can be hard. Of course you have the standard socks and underwear gift, but this really is not …

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Gift Choices For Female Wedding Attendants

As a way to thank your wedding attendants, it is best to pick appropriate gifts for them that you can wrap and present before your wedding day. While giving groomsmen gifts is the responsibility of the groom, giving bridesmaids gifts falls on the bride's task. Female wedding attendants called Bridesmaids …

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Caring Tips For Your Platinum Engagement Ring

Most engagement rings are made from precious metals like platinum and gold and are likely to scratch over time. This is because these metals are soft and hence are likely to have scratches on them. However, the more careful and gentle you are, the milder the scratches will be. Often …

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Unique Gift Shower Basket Ideas For Mothers-To-Be

Gift baskets are presents that are always appreciated by most, including mothers-to-be. They allow gift-givers to more creative, imaginative and to give special presents. Gift baskets are traditional presents luckily today, they can be made unique by simply adding a customized touch. If you are invited to a baby shower …

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