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Guide to Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

Weekend away

If you are looking to make a big statement and are already in a relationship with the lady who's on your mind, then why not pull out all the stops and take her away from the everyday, on a romantic break for two? Custom-build your break around her interests, likes and dislikes and your weekend away could range from the classic trip to Paris, to a few days at a seaside hotel or Scottish castle. The more she can see that you have thought about what she would really like to do, the more she will appreciate it.

Evening in

Spoiling the lady you love does not have to be expensive. Why not prepare her favorite meal and spend a quiet evening together? You can make something like this very special by purchasing some candles (the more the better) and lighting them for a romantic feel, running her a deep bath with her favorite oil or even renting that 'chick flick' that you've been avoiding for the last few months!


Please do not suggest to your girlfriend just because it's Valentine's Day! You need to be absolutely positive that it is what you want before you consider buying an engagement ring. If you decide that it is the right time for you then good luck – if possible, find out her finger size before you buy. There are actually lots of other ways to please your partner with a piece of jewelry, from a pretty necklace to a funky bracelet.
However, be warned that if you present your long-term girlfriend with a small square box, she may be a bit disappointed to discover that it contains earrings!

Flowers, perfume or chocolates

Yes these gifts are all considered to be quite cliched, but the fact remains that many women still love to receive them. Roses certainly say romance, without your belle has a favorite alternative, and in terms of fragrance and chocolate spend as much as you can. Usually we would rather receive a tiny box of good quality chocolate than a huge bar of cheaper chocolate, and inexpensive scents can be quite unappealing.

Lingerie or nightwear

This is really a present for you, but luckily many women love luxurious, pretty lingerie or nightwear so everyone's a winner! Try to be subtle and avoid purchasing items that are too obviously for your benefit. Instead concentrate on sophisticated, good quality garments made from lush fabrics and in her favorite color. Again, check her size before you buy.

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