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Learning to Play Guitar – Playing With Other Musicians

When you’re learning to play guitar, it is always a good idea to check out the playing of other people you know who are taking guitar lessons and learning too, or players who are a bit more advanced than yourself. Starting a band or joining an existing act is a superb way to improve your own guitar playing skills, but there are some things that you need to be aware of.

A band is not always the easiest of things to maintain due to the egos and the personal musical preferences of each member, and at the outset it should be laid down that you’re all in it together, rather than any one person running the whole thing. Sure, there will be main songwriters and so on, but the secret to a good band relationship is to allow everyone to bring their own ideas in, and see what will fit where.

In terms of musicianship, it can sometimes feel daunting playing with musicians who are more advanced than yourself, but through practising alongside those musicians you will be able to develop quickly thanks to their influences and the interplay between you all.

Learning to play guitar along to a rhythm section is an invaluable exercise for any guitarist. Remember- most new guitar players will learn by themselves, with maybe a metronome at most serving as their rhythmic backing.

Playing with real, live musicians will very quickly help you learn more about rhythms, making riffs and solos work in the context of each song, and not letting any one instrument overpower the others. Playing with other musicians is a very cool learning experience that can reap huge creative rewards, and even if you don’t stick together as a band, at least you have had that experience, and you will have made progress with learning to play guitar.

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