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Independence Day Bingo Cards

The American Revolution was one of the key turning points of human history; it led not only to the founding of a new nation (and one that was to have an immense effect on the subsequent course of history), but it brought to the fore ideas that were to inspire …

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Getting Mummy Something For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day will always be a day with a strong theme of love running right through it. Every year couples try and do something to celebrate the occasion such as going on a short trip together to somewhere such as Paris, or booking a weekend at a spa hotel to …

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Are Mothers Day Flowers Still an Etiquette Gift?

It is impossible to imagine a Mothers Day without flowers. They give Mom so much pleasure. Stories and legends about the origins of flowers can be found in almost any culture. Over the centuries, flowers have been a part of Mothers Day and many festivals or religious ceremonies and have …

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3 Tips for Valentine's Day

"Love is a binding force, by which another is joined to me and cherished as myself." ~ Thomas Aquinas Happy Valentine's Day to YOU! While most people think this day is strictly for those in a romantic relationship (and yes, that was and is the intent), it does not have …

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Top 7 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Look for

Happiness is seeing your mother happy!! The bond that is shared between a mother and child is such an incredible one that nothing can add depravity to it. Sacrifices that a mother makes for her child are so immense that no gift can ever replace that. But, of course, we …

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Set Up A Promotional Day To Effectively Market Your Cause

For charities, organizations and private businesses, finding a new and innovative way to market your cause can be an ongoing problem. One method that has sprung up over recent years has been campaign days geared around highlighting a particular cause, such as World Environment Day and Alcohol Awareness Week. These …

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