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Retirement – Make It Golden

The other day my ophthalmologist asked me if I have plans for retirement. My answer was "I'm never going to retire". He seemed surprised by this and asked me why I said that. My answer was simple: "I love what I do, do not golf and do not have a …

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Ten Tips For Shopping

Women are generally crazy about shopping. They love the shopping season and take utmost care to meet the requirements of a perfect shopping session. They go bonkers when they set out to shop at the favorite mall or market. But there are a few things which need attention to make …

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Gifting a Bag

When shopping for a bag as a gift, there is much to consider. Primarily on the list should be the person whom you are buying the gift for. Do there have any particular likes and dislikes? In addition, you can consider the following: • Color – Is there a particular …

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For Those Who Suffer in Silence

On the same day as I attended training for dealing with abuse I met up with likeminded others to discuss the make-up of a conference for silent grief. Loss connects them both. Loss connects so much of the kind of life we never thought possible – until we are confronted …

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Unique Ideas for a Theatre Rental

A theatre rental doesn’t have to be reserved only for staging a play. Renting one can be a fun and unique way to commemorate a special event, host a speech or cater to a large group. Guests will love the unusual setting and the thought that went into making an …

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Valentine's Day Reflections

On October 21, 2012 my future wife and I went on our first date. Maria and I had met via the Internet. We lived about 50 miles apart, but we would never have found each other without the Internet connection. In fact, I had tried to correspond with Maria three …

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