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World Cruise – A Relaxing Experience

Have you ever thought what it would be like to just relax quietly under the sun and at sea-no hustling or bustling, far away from the madding crowds in a casual attire and in clean air and just a small group of likeminded people as company? You are on a …

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Time in the Spirit World

What? Everyone’s getting ready to celebrate Halloween, and yesterday I saw my first Christmas decorations. Outside a supermarket, three young men were stringing lights around several pine trees. Already? I thought, then a dab of panic set in as I wondered, Have I done all my shopping yet? I took …

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Shopping Around The World And The World Wide Web

Everybody loves to shop! Shopping is a major recreational activity. It is all too human to become absorbed in the details of selection, purchase, and display behavior. When you shop, you buy things, when you need to buy things, you head off to the market. You can find everything in …

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World Holidays

A holiday can be termed as time spent away from home or business, in travel or amusement. It can also mean a day, reserved by a country or culture, usually for celebration or for some other type of special observation or activity. Holidays can be special religious days. It can …

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