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Tips to Find the Perfect Valentine's Day Cards for Your Kids Online

The first thing, and sometimes the most important thing, to consider when choosing Valentine's Day cards for your kids to give out at school is the design. You will want the design of the cards to reflect your child's personality. Boys and girls are different and like different cartoon characters, pop stars, and sports. If you are the one choosing and buying the cards take a minute or two and write down a list of your child's likes and dislikes. If you have more than one child, you will need to do this for each one.

When you are looking over the selection of Valentine's Day cards, see if there are any that stand out. If your son likes Spider Man, then that should be easy. There are several choices for Spider Man Valentine's Day cards. If you daughter is a soccer fan, it may be a bit more difficult since most sporty Valentine's Day cards are more masculine in appearance. You may consider buying some paper and soccer ball stickers and helping her make her own personalized soccer Valentine's.

Second, you will want to know how many people your child will be giving Valentine's to. Make sure to include teachers, classroom aids, and others that your child is in close contact with. Write this number down on the paper that you wrote from the above exercise. Then look for a package that includes enough. If there are not enough, you might consider buying a second package or making special Valentine's for the adults.

You can always use the extra cards in future years or write love messages on them and give them to your spouse. Another use for the extras would be to write some sweet messages on them and take them to a nursing home or hospital and hand them out. This is a great activity for kids to do something kind towards others and meet others in the community that they otherwise may not come into contact with. Plus it will really cheer up the recipients. Or you could leave them on the doorsteps of neighbors anonymously!

Finally, do not forget to include a small pack of candy or some other treat like stickers or coupons for free ice cream or burgers from a fast food joint. Candies and stickers can be bought in bulk at large on-line retailers for lower prices than you would find in the stores. Some large fast food chains offer coupons that you can buy and give to kids under twelve that are good for small snack items. Any of these would be a fun treat to go with your child's Valentine's Day cards.

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