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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Geeks

Valentine's Day is a great excuse for you and your geeky partner to exchange gifts that are a little out of the ordinary. There are plenty of different ideas for regular Valentine's Day gifts out there such as the standard chocolates, perfume, flowers and the like, but what about something much more fun?

Just because the majority of the Valentine's stuff you see everywhere is covered in hearts, cartoon bunnies and so on, it does not mean you have to follow the herd. There are a ton of ideas out there for geeks to enjoy at this time of year, and here are a few for you to consider. Valentine's Day gifts for geeks could take the shape of anything from a set of new headphones or a USB turntable to a new phone, MP3 player or games device.

For diehard gaming fans, how about finding a second hand classic games console such as a NES, Mega Drive / Genesis, SNES etc? These can easy be found on Amazon and so on at great prices, and games for them are available for next to nothing. So you have a great gift to make any geek burst with glee.

DVD and Blu Ray Box sets are another great idea, along with TV and movie collectibles. On a related theme, collectibles taken from those favorite TV shows, movies and anime series would make perfect Valentine's gifts.

By now you will unduly be aware of your partner's interests and particular strain of geekery, and that you need to base your Valentine's Day gifts around those interests. This shows your loved one that you're well versed in what they like and that you care.

With geeky Valentine's Day gifts for that special nerd in your life, you can be sure of your lover giving out an OMG rather than a LOL. You can easily find the best Valentine's Day Gift ideas for your own pet geek at a variety of reliable sites online, and at low prices!

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