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Valentine's Day in Different Countries

Every year, people from all across the globe come together on the 14th of February to exchange Valentine's Day gifts and reaffirm their ties of love and affection. This festival of love dates back to historical times and is celebrated with fervor across all countries in the world where people express their devotion and gratitude to their partners, parents, siblings, teachers as well as friends.

While this day is celebrated all over the globe, different countries have their own special way of celebrating this occasion according to their culture and traditions. In the following section we will briefly go through the various ways by which different countries celebrate this romantic festival:

In the United States, this day is a national holiday as it is one of the most popular festivals in this region. Residents take this day off to commemorate the sacrifice of Saint Valentine and express their love and gratitude to their dear ones through token of love. This country is known to be the birthplace of Valentine's Day gifts as the first commercial Valentine Card as well as the custom of giving roses, teddy bears and chocolates started off from here.

Canadians celebrate this day with a lot of enthusiasm as well. One of the high points of this day is that a large number of dances, balls and events are organized all over the country where people get together to celebrate and express their feelings of love and regard for each other. This day is also very special for children as they exchange Valentine's Day gifts with their friends and perform shows and skits at their school.

The custom of celebrating this occasion spread to Australia a few decades ago and became extremely popular. This has made the custom of giving Valentine's Day gifts to each other a special tradition in the country which include love notes, chocolates and flowers especially roses.

The tradition of changing Valentine's Day gifts is followed very ardently in Great Britain. This day is very special for women, especially unmarried girls who look forward to receiving a token of love from their suitors amongst which love notes, chocolates and flowers are the most popular items.

The Japanese exchange Valentine's Day gifts in a very unique way. On the 14th of February, women gift their loved ones with chocolates and baked sweets and this gesture is returned by the men on the 14 of March which is often known in Japan as White Day. Men usually present their partners with milk chocolates as well as flowers and cards.

The French people consider Valentine's Day very special and auspicious and exchange various Valentine's Day gifts of love while Italians celebrate this day as a spring festival and organize several dances and stress to spend time with their loved ones.

Although the custom of presenting Valentine's Day gifts has become recently popular in India, it is celebrated with a lot of fervor by the young residents who gift their loved ones with roses, soft toys like teddy bears as well as card and jewelry.

The Chinese celebrate this day in a very traditional manner. On this occasion couples go to temples and ask for blessings as well as express gratitude for their blessings and loved ones. They complete this ceremony by presenting each other with special gifts.

While this festival is celebrated in various ways through different Valentine's Day gifts, people share the same essence of love and gratitude all across the world.

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