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Wedding Prep – 8 Ways to Save Money

You've been announcing your engagement ring for a week now when the realization strikes in – you need to prepare for the big day! Every bride wants to look her best, and have the most beautiful décor, food and ambience at the wedding venue. While each bride wants a dream wedding, arranging a wedding in a limited budget can be no less than a rollercoaster ride! Here are some amazing ways to cut wedding costs while making the most of your big day.

1. The guest list – you have a big social circle and love to have everyone around you, but when it's wedding time, prioritize. Cut down on unnecessary guests; friends of friends, your friends; bridesmaid that you used to hang out with once upon a time, etc. This will automatically lower your catering costs and other related costs.

2. Digital Invites – everyone these days is social media savvy, so instead of having your save-the-date cards printed and processed through post, email them. This will save you time, effort and money. Also, it will help your guests to respond to RSVP more easily.

3. Wedding favors – choose wedding favors that are under a dollar. Also, think of practical options such as edibles including chocolate coated coffee beans, mini honey jars, cookies, etc. If you think "usability" while picking your wedding favors, you will find inexpensive ones and, your guests will love!

4. Skip the Florist – even though the florist will give you a flawless and effortless flower arrangement for your wedding venue, you can do the same in less than half the cost. Buy fresh flowers from a farm, or a local flower shop.

5. Go with the DJ – pick a DJ instead of a band for your wedding reception. Hiring a DJ will cost you a few hundred dollars, nearly 70% less than the cost of hiring a band. In addition, a DJ can play your favorite songs, and those that your loved ones are more familiar with, which will make them feel more comfortable and important too.

6. Serve appetizers – forget the main course and serve a variety of finger foods. Your guests will love the variety while you can enjoy having saved on a big chunk of catering costs. As long as the appetizers taste great and tantalize your taste buds, it's all good!

7. Cut the Champagne – cut out the champagne from the list and make your costs come to the ground. Serve fresh juices to keep the guests happy and energetic. In addition, serving alcohol has its own cons; you may have to drive home a guest who is too drunk to drive back.

8. Choose an off day – choosing off peak days or hours is a great way to keep your wedding budget under control. If you choose a restaurant or café for a wedding reception on off day or off peak hours, then the caterer or owner can give you good discounts. Talk to the person in charge for lower per head rates and save money.

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